Service Level Agreement

SLA stands for "Service Level Agreement" which is our contractual agreement when companies start using OPENSHOP as their IT Support. It is our promise to you to deal with the issues within the given time frame. It is an industry-standard that enables us to both manage expectations and to also give a reasonable time scale for our customers.

At OPENSHOP we have one SLA which we give to all our customers so that we have a fair support and ticketing process.

Hours of service

The SLA is determined by the hours covered and the priority of the issue for every ticket that is raised.
  • Our standard cover runs from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.
  • Our monitoring service runs 24x7 and any high impact issues are dealt with accordingly by our out-of-hours incident team.
  • We have additional on call hours for emergencies covering early/late weekdays and weekends.

How we work out the SLA

Our SLA timers also depend on the priority of your issue or request. When you raise a ticket with us, we make an assessment based on the information you have given us. Priority is based on two factors, Impact and Urgency.

  • 1. Impact
  • LOW – minimal or no effect on business operations.
  • MEDIUM – operational efficiency is degraded, but they do not halt operations entirely.
  • HIGH – the issue is critical and one or more major business processes are stopped.
  • 2. Urgency
  • LOW – issue or request is not time-sensitive and can be addressed within a reasonable timeframe without immediate attention.
  • MEDIUM – issue or request requires timely attention but is not critical to business operations.
  • HIGH – issue or request requires immediate attention and resolution due to its critical nature and significant impact on business operations.
Priority Matrix High Urgency Medium Urgency Low Urgency
High Impact Critical High Medium
Medium Impact High Medium Low
Low Impact Medium Low Low
Incident Priority* Respond Within Plan Within Resolve Within
Critical 15 mins 30 mins 2 hours
High 30 mins 3 hours 6 hours
Medium 1 hour 6 hours 12 hrs / 1.5 days
Low 1 hour 8 hours 24 hrs / 3 days

*Respond is the initial response outlining when and by whom the issue will be addressed, Plan is when we plan to start work on your issue and, Resolve is when the issue will be fixed.

When you submit a ticket with a medium priority, our commitment is to provide an initial response within 1 hour. During this time, we'll assign your ticket and ensure it's correctly prioritised. Following that, we'll commence work on your case within 6 hours, aiming for resolution within a timeframe of 12 hours to 1.5 days.

In situations where we require additional information or await your approval for work that may affect your business, we may temporarily pause the resolution clock to ensure we proceed with your best interests in mind.

In the event we don't schedule the issue to be resolved in a suitable timeframe for your business needs, let us know! Please refer to our Escalation Process for details.

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