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At OPENSHOP, our versatile migration services cater to various scenarios, including migrating from Google Workspace, migrating within Microsoft 365, and migrating from other platforms to Microsoft 365.

Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration: Our Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migration service is tailored to seamlessly transition your organisation from Google’s platform to Microsoft 365. We handle the migration of emails, documents, applications, and more while ensuring data integrity and compatibility. With user training, security measures, and ongoing support, we guarantee a smooth migration experience.

Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365 Migration: Whether you’re streamlining multiple Microsoft 365 tenants or reorganising your existing setup, our service is here to facilitate migrations within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. We guide you through the process of transferring data, configurations, and applications between different Microsoft 365 instances. Our approach is centred around minimising disruptions, ensuring a seamless transition that allows you to continue your operations seamlessly.

Migration from Other Platforms to Microsoft 365: If your organisation is currently using other productivity or collaboration platforms and wants to adopt Microsoft 365, our service is equipped to handle this transition. We guide you through the migration process, whether it involves emails, documents, applications, or data from various platforms. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition to Microsoft 365, tailored to your specific requirements.

In all these scenarios, our services encompass thorough planning, data migration, user training, security and compliance measures, post-migration support, and ongoing optimisation. We aim to provide a hassle-free migration experience, enabling your organisation to harness the full potential of Microsoft 365.

Our Microsoft 365 Migration Services

Experience Microsoft 365 Migration Services, tailored to your business.

Customised Migration Strategies

Tailored migration plans are developed based on your unique business needs and existing setup, ensuring a seamless transition that aligns with your organisation’s goals.

Data Integrity Assurance

Our experts meticulously map, transfer, and validate data to ensure integrity throughout the migration process, mitigating the risk of data loss or corruption.

User Training and Adoption Support

Comprehensive training sessions help your staff quickly adapt to the new environment, enabling them to maximise productivity and collaboration within Microsoft 365.

Security and Compliance Implementation

Robust security measures and compliance configurations are integrated to safeguard sensitive information and ensure regulatory adherence during and after migration.

Post-Migration Support

Our support extends beyond migration completion, providing ongoing assistance to address any issues, answer queries, and ensure a smooth post-migration transition.

Optimisation and Monitoring

Continuous monitoring allows us to identify opportunities for improving performance, productivity, and efficiency within your Microsoft 365 environment.

Transform Your Business Today

Transform Your Business Today

Embrace the Power of Microsoft 365 Migration Services!

Embrace the Power of Microsoft 365 Migration Services!

or give us a call at (+30) 2109813870

or give us a call at
(+30) 2109813870

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3 Reasons to Choose Our Services

| 01 Expertise.

Our team boasts extensive skills and knowledge, ensuring top-tier solutions tailored to your needs.

| 02 Reliability.

We prioritise responsiveness, transparency, and accountability, guaranteeing dependable support.

| 03 Cost-Effective.

Our customisable, budget-friendly solutions help maximise your IT investments for business success.

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