A Comprehensive Health Check for Your IT Systems

An effective IT audit is crucial for understanding and optimising your technology landscape. Our IT Audit service provides a thorough evaluation of your IT infrastructure, security, and network performance. We deliver detailed insights and actionable recommendations to enhance your operations and drive your business forward.

Our IT Audits provide a thorough analysis to ensure your systems' optimal performance and security. We evaluate your backup and disaster recovery plans to confirm data resilience and assess recovery times. Security measures, including firewalls, software updates, and anti-virus protections, are scrutinised. We review the age, warranty, and standardisation of hardware and software. Network and infrastructure components like internet access, telephony, and cabling are inspected. Finally, we verify compliance with access protocols, licensing requirements, and password policies to ensure your systems are secure and compliant.

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  • Assess Your Current IT Setup: We help you map out and streamline your existing systems, ensuring they align with your operational needs.
  • Identify Weaknesses and Risks: We uncover gaps in your infrastructure, ensuring your security measures are up-to-date and effective against modern threats.
  • Reduce IT Support Issues: Standardise and update software across your systems to minimise support issues and improve overall efficiency.
  • Solve Performance Problems: Diagnose and resolve network, connectivity, and performance bottlenecks to enhance your system's functionality.
  • Optimise System Performance: Use the audit as a baseline to boost the agility and efficiency of your IT systems.
  • Ensure Security Compliance: Our audit includes essential security checks, helping you meet industry standards and protect your data.

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