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At OPENSHOP, we offer hardware procurement and software licensing to meet your IT needs, ensuring efficient acquisition and management of resources for your organisation.

Hardware Procurement: Our hardware procurement process begins with a thorough consultation to gain a deep understanding of your hardware requirements. Whether you need laptops, servers, networking equipment, or other technology assets, we source the best-in-class products. From the initial order to the final delivery, we oversee every aspect of the procurement process, guaranteeing a seamless experience.

Software Licensing Services: We understand the intricacies of software licensing, and our experts ensure that your organisation complies with licensing requirements. We offer solutions for operating systems, productivity suites, and specialised software, ensuring your software environment is legally and optimally configured.

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  • IT Consultation: Our skilled team conducts comprehensive consultations to understand your technology needs, allowing us to offer tailored recommendations and solutions.
  • System Integration: We orchestrate the harmonious integration of new hardware and software components into your existing infrastructure, fostering seamless compatibility and functionality.
  • Deployment Services: Our proficiency extends to deploying hardware and software setups with precision, adhering to best practices to facilitate efficient and effective implementation.
  • Maintenance and Support: We stand ready to provide technical support and maintenance services, swiftly addressing any issues that arise to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your systems.
  • Security Solutions: We offer comprehensive security solutions to safeguard your hardware and software assets from cyber threats, providing peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.
  • License Management: Our commitment extends beyond initial setup; we continuously monitor and manage your software licenses to ensure ongoing compliance and optimal usage.

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