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At OPENSHOP, we understand that businesses require more than just a communication platform; they need a fortress to protect their sensitive data and a canvas to custom-create their ideal workspace. Our solution offers the perfect blend of security and customisation, ensuring that your business environment is highly productive and safeguarded against modern cyber threats.

In preparation for implementing our solution, OPENSHOP places significant emphasis on thoroughly studying the unique requirements of each business. This strategic approach ensures the alignment of our solution with the organisation’s distinct demands. It also accurately determines the required number of licenses, ensuring that the selected licenses are suitable and contribute to the overall cost-effectiveness of our solution. This proactive approach eliminates unnecessary expenses while maximising the value delivered to our clients.

Key Features

Microsoft Teams as the Foundation

  • Document Management: Setting up a customised and dedicated SharePoint Online environment for document management.

Advanced Security Measures

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Implementing MFA adds an extra layer of security to user logins, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.
  • Data Encryption: All data, whether in transit or at rest, undergoes encryption to thwart unauthorised access and prevent data breaches.
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Assigning specific roles and permissions to users according to their responsibilities, restricting access to sensitive information.
  • Secure External Collaboration: Controlling the external sharing of data and documents through features such as guest access and external user controls.
  • Compliance and Auditing: Implementing auditing and compliance features to track user activity, changes, and access to maintain regulatory standards.

Customisation for Business Environment

  • Branding and Theming: Adapting the user interface to reflect the company’s branding, creating a familiar and consistent experience for employees.
  • Custom Tabs and Apps: Integration of custom tabs and third-party applications directly into Teams, allowing users to access essential tools without switching platforms.
  • Adaptive Layouts: Designing and organising Teams’ layout to match the specific needs of different departments, ensuring an intuitive interface for users.
  • Workflow Automation: Utilisation of Microsoft Power Automate to automate routine tasks and streamline business processes within Teams.

Secure Document Management

  • SharePoint Integration: Integration of SharePoint document libraries to securely store and manage important documents, with version control and access restrictions.
  • Information Rights Management (IRM): Utilisation of IRM to protect sensitive documents by controlling who can access, edit, and forward them.

Communication Channels

  • Private Channels: Creating channels with restricted access for confidential discussions, ensuring that only relevant team members are part of those conversations.
  • Chat Encryption: End-to-end encryption for private chats ensures that sensitive information remains secure during communication.

Secure Meetings and Collaboration

  • Secure Video Conferencing: Utilisation of Teams’ secure video conferencing capabilities with end-to-end encryption and options for attendee permissions.
  • Whiteboard and Collaboration Tools: Leveraging collaborative whiteboards and other tools to enhance teamwork while maintaining data security.

Support and Maintenance

  • Ongoing Support: We offer ongoing immediate support to all business users for their day-to-day assistance needs, helping them maximise the advantages of our solutions.
  • Feedback-Driven Enhancement: Through your feedback, we consistently enhance and refine our solutions to better align with your evolving business needs and expectations.

Transform Your Business Today

Transform Your Business Today

Embrace the Power of Enhanced Teams Collaboration!

Embrace the Power of Enhanced Teams Collaboration!

or give us a call at (+30) 2109813870

or give us a call at
(+30) 2109813870

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