Sharkoon TG5 RGB computer case Midi-Tower Black Sharkoon - 1
Sharkoon TG5 RGB computer case Midi-Tower Black Sharkoon - 2
Sharkoon TG5 RGB computer case Midi-Tower Black Sharkoon - 3
Sharkoon TG5 RGB computer case Midi-Tower Black Sharkoon - 4
Sharkoon TG5 RGB computer case Midi-Tower Black Sharkoon - 1
Sharkoon TG5 RGB computer case Midi-Tower Black Sharkoon - 2
Sharkoon TG5 RGB computer case Midi-Tower Black Sharkoon - 3
Sharkoon TG5 RGB computer case Midi-Tower Black Sharkoon - 4

Sharkoon TG5 RGB computer case Midi-Tower Black

Midi-Tower PC ATX,Micro-ATX,Mini-ITX Black Gaming

Perfectly Illuminated in 16.8 Million Colors

Case illumination in yellow? Or how about in purple? Simply decide spontaneously at any time! Not just between two colors, but between 16.8 million at your every whim and mood. Thanks to the TG5 RGB ATX Case, this is no problem at all. This is possible via the four built-in RGB LED fans as well as the provided 6-port RGB hub. Once mounted inside the case, together with compatible mainboards with a 12V-G-R-B connector, six LED elements are easily controlled, synchronized and illuminated via the mainboard software. The 6-port RGB hub is compatible with Asus Aura, Gigabyte Fusion and MSI Mystic Light. For mainboards without a 12V-G-R-B connector, the TG5 RGB comes with a manual color control. This allows up to six connected LED elements, for example the four pre-installed RGB LED fans and provided LED strip, to be illuminated in one of six colors, or completely in white, manually through a handle on the manual color control. In addition, the almost completely glassed TG5 RGB makes no compromises on comfort or features, and offers nearly 16.8 million installation possibilities for passionate gamers!

Cableless Comfort

Thanks to an optimized cable management system with lots of cable pass-throughs the complete cabling of the TG5 RGB can be hidden between the mainboard and the non-windowed side panel. The built-in hardware stays in focus and the airflow remains unaffected. The power supply as well as up to three 3.5" hard drives disappear in the tunnel on the bottom of the case. Air vents on top and on the side of the tunnel ensure the cooling of the hard drives. If necessary, a new CPU cooler with a max. height of 16.7 cm can be installed easily through the opening in the mainboard tray. Maximum length for graphics cards is 40 cm. Maximum length for power supplies 20.5 cm. The front panel is designed cableless and is therefore conveniently removable. Two pre-installed dust filters protect the PC from contamination. For cleaning, they can be easily removed and put back on. Another dust filter is also pre-installed on the top panel, which can be easily cleaned and removed thanks to the magnetic fastener. Naturally an additional dust filter also protects the bottom of the case from contamination.

The Installation Options – Discreet and Versatile

With the design of the TG5 RGB front panel, we consciously refrain from the established drive bays for optical disc drives and emphasize the look inside the case and the pre-installed RGB LED fans with the tempered glass front. The TG5 RGB has nonetheless sufficient possibilities to discreetly mount hard drives. Up to two 3.5" hard drives or 2.5" HDDs/SSDs can be mounted in a HDD cage screwed tightly to the top of the tunnel. Another 3.5" hard drive finds space on the bottom of the tunnel below. Instead of this 3.5" hard drive the whole HDD cage can be mounted to the bottom of the tunnel with convenient thumbscrews and can be positioned, thanks to practical oval hole cutouts, up to the fans on the front panel. This way more space can be created easily for the cabling of the power supply. Behind the mainboard, the TG5 provides two vertical supports, with convenient thumbscrews, for up to two additional 2.5" HDD/SSDs.

Enough Space for an Optimized Airflow

Air vents on the left and right side of the front panel ensure an optimized airflow. Three 120 mm RGB LED fans are already pre-installed. Alternatively fitting holes for two 140 mm fans are available. A 120 mm RGB LED fan is pre-installed into the rear panel. Naturally the TG5 RGB provides the option to mod the case with a professional water cooling. A 360 mm radiator with a total height of 5.5 cm including fan can be attached to the front of the case. The 120 mm fan on the back can be replaced with a 120 mm radiator. Up to three 120 mm or two 140 mm fans can be attached to the top panel. The fans or radiators can be positioned perfectly thanks to the oval hole cutouts.

Quick Access to the Peripherals

The audio connectors for microphone and headphones as well as two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 interfaces for the convenient connection of the most important peripherals are found on the top of the front panel.
USB 3.0 (3.1 Gen 1) Type-A ports quantity
Maximum PSU length
20.5 cm
Product colour
220 mm
Audio output
Front fans installed
3x 120 mm
Number of expansion slots
465 mm
Tempered glass panel(s)
Front fans diameters supported
120 mm
Maximum graphics card length
40 cm
Number of 2.5" bays
Maximum top fans
Anti-dust filter
USB 2.0 ports quantity
Maximum rear fans
Supported motherboard form factors
Supported hard disk drive sizes
Illumination location
Case fans
Audio input
Liquid cooling capability
Side window
452 mm
Maximum front fans
Cable management
Maximum CPU cooler height
16.7 cm
8.5 kg
Tempered glass panel thickness
4 mm
Form factor
Rear fans installed
1x 120 mm
Suitable for
Power supply included
Rear fans diameters supported
120 mm
Number of 3.5" bays
Top fans diameters supported
120,140 mm
Illumination colour
New product
No reviews
Product added to wishlist
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