QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B
QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B
QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B
QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B
QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B
QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B
QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B
QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B
QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B
QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B

QNAP TS-H973AX NAS Tower Σύνδεση Ethernet/LAN Μαύρος (Μαύρο) V1500B

QNAP TS-H973AX, NAS, Tower, AMD Ryzen, V1500B, Μαύρος (Μαύρο)

Enhance business productivity using the quad-core 9-bay QuTS hero NAS that supports U.2 NVMe SSD and 10GbE/2.5GbE connectivity

Featuring an AMD Ryzen™ V1000 series V1500B quad-core processor and 10GbE/2.5GbE connectivity, the 9-bay TS-h973AX packs a high-capacity hybrid storage infrastructure into a compact physical footprint. With five 3.5-inch SATA 6Gbps drive bays, two 2.5-inch U.2 NVMe SSD slots (Slot 1 & 2 support both U.2 NVMe and SATA SSDs ), and two 2.5-inch SATA 6Gbps SSD slots, the TS-h973AX can benefit from SSD caching to boost IOPS-intensive applications. With the ZFS-based QuTS hero operating system, the TS-h973AX ensures data integrity and supports block-level inline data deduplication and compression, near-limitless snapshots, and real-time SnapSync to satisfy mission-critical file servers, virtualization servers, collaborative video editing, and efficient data backup and recovery with business-class performance, job reliability, and lower overall cost.

Optimized SSD performance and lifespan
Install high-performance U.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 3 x4 SSDs or SATA 6Gb/s SSDs in the dedicated SSD slots for cache acceleration and improved random I/O.

10GbE/2.5GbE connectivity
One 10GBASE-T Multi-Gig and two 2.5GbE LAN ports accelerate virtualization, intensive file access, large backup/restoration tasks, and media transfer.

SaaS backup and recovery
Experience a business-class backup center, supporting backup/restore of cloud data and VMs (including Google™ Workspace, Microsoft 365®, VMware® and Hyper-V).

Virtualization applications
Host multiple virtual machines and containers to run a wide range of applications on the TS-h973AX.

Cloud storage gateway
Cloud storage gateways realize hybrid cloud applications by working with the cache space reserved on NAS to ensure low-latency data access to the cloud.

Flexible storage expansion
Flexibly scale your total storage capacity to match your business growth by connecting USB expansion enclosures (TR series JBOD).

Absolute performance with AMD Ryzen™ and up to 64 GB RAM
Powered by an AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 series V1500B 4-core/8-thread, 2.2 GHz processor with up to 64 GB DDR4 RAM (ECC memory is supported)*, the TS-h973AX delivers aggressive yet power-smart performance for compute-demanding applications. AES-NI encryption support boosts encryption performance while also maintaining the security of your NAS data. SSDs can be flexibly installed for cache acceleration to maximize network and storage performance for data-intensive applications.

Dual U.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 3 x4 SSD slots for optimal I/O and low latency
The TS-h973AX has four 2.5-inch SSD slots - with slots 1 & 2 supporting both high-performance U.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 3 x4 SSDs or economical SATA 6Gb/s SSDs. For tackling latency-sensitive applications, you can take advantage of U.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 3 x4 SSDs that supply up to 32Gb/s bandwidth to attain optimized performance and efficiency. You can also use QNAP’s QDA adapter to replace U.2 NVMe SSDs with cost-efficient M.2 NVMe SSDs to maintain high-level performance while saving more costs.

SSD cache acceleration
Increases IOPS performance and reduces latency for storage volumes - perfect for IOPS-demanding applications including virtualization and databases.

Write Coalescing
Transforms all random writes to sequential writes along with reduced I/O, effectively increasing SSD write performance.

Pool Over-provisioning
Flexibly reserves a dedicated space in an SSD storage pool to allow new data to be written into a complete block even if the pool is almost full, thus improving the performance of fragmented pools.

Leverage the M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD to U.2 Adapter
Install one or more QDA adapter in the TS-h973AX (Slot 1 and Slot 2) to maximize PCIe bandwidth utilization in a cost-effective way by using M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD instead of the U.2 SSD for optimizing data-intensive applications. It can also boost IOPS performance when configuring SSD caching. Users can monitor drive health and manage SSD usage from the QTS Storage & Snapshots Manager. The M.2 SSD installed in the QDA adapter is hot swappable.

Streamline large file transfers and video editing with 10GbE and 2.5GbE
The TS-h973AX has one 10GBASE-T Multi-Gig (10G/5G/2.5G/1G/100M) port and two 2.5GbE RJ45 (2.5G/1G/100M) ports, providing out-of-the-box support for high-speed networking and supporting Port Trunking and Failover to reinforce your network infrastructure. QNAP also provide many other high-speed networking solutions, including 10GbE/2.5GbE managed/unmanaged switches, 2.5GbE/5GbE/10GbE PCIe cards and USB 5GbE adapters for Windows®/Linux® workstations, allowing you to build a budget-friendly high-speed network environment for productive team collaboration.

ZFS-based QuTS hero operating system enhances NAS performance and data integrity
QuTS hero combines the app-based QTS with the 128-bit ZFS file system to provide flexible storage management, comprehensive data protection, and optimized performance to tackle the complexity and performance demands of modern IT. From storage management, virtualization, to collaborative media workflows, QuTS hero streamlines your business-critical tasks.

Data integrity is key
QuTS hero’s self-healing ensures data integrity and reliability. Write Once, Read Many (WORM) is also supported.

Data reduction improves storage efficiency and performance
Inline data deduplication, compression, and compaction reduce file size to conserve storage capacity and optimize performance.

Multi-level cache technology
Main memory read cache (L1 ARC), SSD second-level read cache (L2 ARC), and ZFS Intent Log (ZIL) for synchronous transactions with power fail protection are simultaneously supported to boost performance and security.

RAID Z enables robust data protection
Multiple RAID levels allow flexible capacity utilization. RAID Triple Parity and Triple Mirror deliver higher levels of data protection.

QSAL (QNAP SSD Antiwear Leveling) enhances data protection
RAID-level SSD lifespan is automatically and regularly detected to prevent simultaneous SSD failure, improving your data protection and system reliability.

App Center ecosystem extends NAS functionality
Apps for backup/sync, virtual machines/containers, content management, productivity, and more features can be used to expand the application potential of the TS-h973AX.

Inline data deduplication, compression, and compaction drives big data storage efficiency
QuTS hero supports advanced block-based data reduction technologies (including inline data deduplication*, compression, and compaction) to reduce file sizes, conserve storage capacity, and optimize performance. For example, if 20 virtual machines on a NAS are replicated using the same template, then storage space requirements for all 20 virtual machines can be reduced by up to 95%. Whether acting as primary or backup storage, the TS-h973AX optimizes storage utilization to provide a reliable storage cornerstone in the Big Data era.

Real-time SnapSync ensures minimal RPO with real-time disaster recovery
Real-time SnapSync ensures that both the primary and secondary NAS maintain identical data. When data is written to the source, it is immediately written to the destination. If the primary NAS goes offline, IT staff can simply adjust the privilege settings of the secondary NAS to ensure continuous operations. SnapSync provides the strongest support for nonstop business operations and helps users to reduce the risk of data loss.

Snapshots multiply backup protection
Attain peace of mind with near-limitless, instant snapshots. Copy-on-write technology makes snapshot creation almost instantaneous without affecting ongoing data writing. Snapshot Replica replicates snapshot files to the backup NAS, simplifying data protection with version control.

HBS simplifies 3-2-1 backup plans
HBS centralizes backup, restoration, and synchronization for easily transferring data in the TS-h973AX to another QNAP NAS, remote server, or cloud storage space. HBS supports QuDedup technology that eliminates redundant data at the source and makes multi-version backup faster.

All-in-one virtual machine and container hosting solution
You can count on Virtualization Station and Container Station for comprehensive virtualization support. Coupled with the Network & Virtual Switch app that boosts interoperability between virtual machines, containers, QNAP NAS, and other physical devices on the network, you can flexibly allocate physical and virtual network resources to simplify network deployment.

Virtualization Station
Run multiple Windows®, Linux®, UNIX®, and Android™ virtual machines and access them via a web browser or Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Businesses can run virtualized server applications on a single NAS without the need for additional physical servers.

Container Station
Experience LXC and Docker® lightweight virtualization technologies, download apps from the built-in Docker Hub Registry®, import and export containers, and create abundant microservices.

License-free VMware® and Hyper-V backup appliance
With Hyper Data Protector, the TS-h973AX becomes an agentless backup tool for unlimited VMware® vSphere and Microsoft® Hyper-V VM backup. Hyper Data Protector features incremental backup, global deduplication, backup scheduling and recovery compression. Hyper Data Protector also simultaneously backs up multiple VMs, providing you with a cost-effective and reliable disaster recovery plan, ensuring 24/7 operation of your services.

More productivity applications
Ubuntu Linux Station
Run Ubuntu® applications (including apps from the Ubuntu Software Center) directly on the TS-h973AX and remotely access the Ubuntu® desktop from a web browser.

Security Counselor
A security portal for checking weaknesses and receiving recommendations for enhancing NAS security. It also integrates anti-virus and anti-malware scanning software.

Safeguard enterprise cloud data by backing up/syncing files, emails, calendars and contacts from Google™ Workspace and Microsoft® Office 365® to the TS-h973AX.

QNAP’s powerful, Google-like search tool helps you quickly find images, music, videos, documents, and emails by keywords, color, and more search conditions. It also supports Qfiling to perform one-time or automatic archival tasks based on your search criteria.

An AI-powered photo management app, supporting automated photo categorization with AI Albums, iOS® Live Photo display, and powerful search tool for ultimate photo management and sharing solution.

Perfectly integrates NAS with mainstream cloud services. By deploying cloud storage gateways and enabling local caching on the NAS, you can seamlessly use the cloud for storage, backup, and data recovery with low-latency access.

Flexible and economical storage expansion
The storage capacity of the TS-h973AX can be expanded using USB-based expansion enclosures. Two QNAP TR RAID (4-bay TR-004, 2-bay TR-002) can be easily attached and managed using the Storage & Snapshots Manager app.

Subscribe to QVR Elite surveillance solution for 24/7 security
QVR Elite is QNAP’s subscription-based smart surveillance solution, allowing you to easily build a surveillance system with lower TCO and higher scalability. You can arrange a dedicated, independent storage space for surveillance data on the TS-h973AX and enjoy simplified camera management, storage space allocation, camera live viewing and playback. Recordings are saved as MP4 files, allowing playback on nearly every device. QVR Elite also integrates QNAP AI-based solutions to build smart facial recognition for retail and door access systems with QNAP NAS. With QVR Pro Client software installed on your Windows®/Mac® or mobile devices, taking full control over monitored areas becomes more convenient and easier.

QNAP TS-H973AX. Υποστηριζόμενοι τύποι μονάδας αποθήκευσης: HDD & SSD, Υποστηριζόμενες διεπαφές συσκευών αποθήκευσης: Serial ATA II, Serial ATA III, U.2, Υποστηριζόμενα μεγέθη οδηγών αποθήκευσης: 2.5,3.5". Τύπος επεξεργαστή: AMD Ryzen, Κατασκευαστής επεξεργαστή: AMD, Προδιαγραφές επεξεργαστή: V1500B. Εσωτερική μνήμη: 32 GB, Τύπος μνήμης: DDR4, Μέγιστη μνήμη RAM που υποστηρίζεται: 32 GB. Ρυθμοί δεδομένων Ethernet LAN: 100,1000,2500,5000,10000 Mbit/s, Υποστηριζόμενος ρυθμός δεδομένων δικτύου Ethernet LAN (μέγιστος): 10000 Mbit/s, Τεχνολογία χάλκινης καλωδίωσης δικτύου: 10GBASE-T. Τύπος πλαισίου: Tower, Τύπος ψύξης: Ενεργός, Χρώμα προϊόντος: Μαύρος (Μαύρο)
Χρώμα προϊόντος
Εύρος υγρασίας λειτουργίας
5 - 95%
Εύρος θερμοκρασίας λειτουργίας
0 - 40 °C
Όρια θερμοκρασίας αποθήκευσης
-20 - 70 °C
Υγρασία μη λειτουργίας
5 - 95%
224,6 mm
224,1 mm
182,7 mm
3,52 kg
Συμπεριλαμβάνονται καλώδια
AC, LAN (RJ-45)
Ρυθμοί δεδομένων Ethernet LAN
100,1000,2500,5000,10000 Mbit/s
Αριθμός θυρών ethernet LAN (RJ-45)
Φωτεινές ενδείξεις LED επικοινωνιών
HDD, LAN, Ισχύς, SSD, Κατάσταση, USB
Εξωτερικό τροφοδοτικό
Βάρος πακέτου
5,12 kg
Κωδικός εναρμονισμένου συστήματος (ΕΣ)
Τεχνολογία χάλκινης καλωδίωσης δικτύου
Υποστήριξη Jumbo frames
Κατανάλωση ισχύος
55,41 W
Υποστήριξη αλγορίθμου ασφαλείας
256-bit AES, HTTPS, SSH
Έτοιμο για Εκκίνηση-μέσω-LAN
Οδηγός γρήγορης εγκατάστασης
Διακόπτης επαναφοράς
Τάση εισόδου AC
100 - 240 V
Επίπεδο θορύβου
22,9 dB
Υποδοχή κλειδαριάς καλωδίου
Τύπος υποδοχής κλειδαριάς καλωδίου
Υποστηριζόμενα πρωτόκολλα δικτύου
IPv4, IPv6
Διακόπτης ενεργοποίησης / απενεργοποίησης
Αριθμός τροφοδοτικών
Συσσωμάτωση συνδέσμων
Αριθμός ανεμηστήρων
1 ανεμιστήρας (-ες)
Μνήμη Flash
5000 MB
Σύνδεση Ethernet/LAN
Λίστας ελέγχου πρόσβασης (ACL)
Τύπος ψύξης
Διάμετρος ανεμιστήρα
14 cm
Εσωτερική μνήμη
32 GB
Τύπος μνήμης
Υποστήριξη S.M.A.R.T.
Υποστήριξη RAID
Θύρα USB
Δυναμικό DNS (DDNS)
Πελάτης DHCP
Σέρβερ DHCP
Προδιαγραφές επεξεργαστή
Συχνότητα επεξεργαστή
2,2 GHz
Αριθμός βίδες
Τύπος επεξεργαστή
AMD Ryzen
Επεξεργαστής αριθμό των πυρήνων
Κατασκευαστής επεξεργαστή
Νήματα επεξεργαστή
Υποστηριζόμενες διεπαφές συσκευών αποθήκευσης
Serial ATA II, Serial ATA III, U.2
Επίπεδα RAID
0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, JBOD
Πλήθος θυρών USB 3.2 Gen 2 (3.1 Gen 2) Τύπος-B
Πλήθος θυρών USB 3.2 Gen 2 (3.1 Gen 2) Τύπος-C
Υποστηριζόμενοι τύποι μονάδας αποθήκευσης
Υποστηριζόμενα μεγέθη οδηγών αποθήκευσης
Αριθμός υποστηριζόμενων οδηγών αποθήκευσης
Τύπος πλαισίου
Θέση τροφοδοσίας ρεύματος
Εγκατεστημένο λειτουργικό σύστημα
QuTS hero
Ενσωματωμένος διακομιστής FTP
Υποδοχές μνήμης
Συντελεστής μορφής μνήμης
Τάση ανεμιστήρα
12 V
Έκδοση λειτουργικού συστήματος
Εγκατεστημένες μονάδες αποθήκευσης
Εγκατεστημένος τύπος μονάδας αποθήκευσης
Online επέκταση RAID
RAID rebuild
Θέσεις μονάδων Hot-swap
Υποστηριζόμενα συστήματα αρχείων
FAT32, HFS+, NTFS, ZFS, exFAT, ext3, ext4
Περιαγωγή δίσκου
Μέγιστη μνήμη RAM που υποστηρίζεται
32 GB
Υποστήριξη iSCSI
Ταυτόχρονες συνδέσεις
Κατηγορία συσκευών
Μικρές & Μεσαίες Επιχειρήσεις
Εφεδρική λειτουργία
Χαρακτηριστικά ασφαλείας
Cloud, iSCSI LUN
Πολυγλωσσική υποστήριξη
Μητρώο συστήματος
Θερμό ανταλλακτικό (hot spare)
Δυνατότητα μονάδας παροχής ηλεκτρικού ρεύματος (PSU)
120 W
Ποσότητα καλωδίων τροφοδοσίας
Υποστηριζόμενος ρυθμός δεδομένων δικτύου Ethernet LAN (μέγιστος)
10000 Mbit/s
Σύστημα εξισορρόπησης φορτίου
Κοινή χρήση φακέλου
Υποστήριξξη τρίτου μέρους
Λειτουργία αντιγραφής USB
Ταυτοποίηση με κωδικό
Σάρωση δίσκου
Υποδοχή της μονάδας ασφάλισης
Κατανάλωση ισχύος (κατάσταση αναμονής HDD)
41,2 W
Περιλαμβάνεται κλειδί δίσκου δίσκου

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